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i-Tools – Terms and conditions

The voestalpine Sadef nv i-Tools software is free for use via this site under the terms and conditions set out on this page.

The information given via this site, on-line, via e-mail or fax is a confidential disclosure. The subject matter of which is the property of voestalpine Sadef nv, unless agreed otherwise with voestalpine Sadef nv.

The following on-line design software may be used for working out technical solutions during pre-engineering stage. It shall not be used for the realization of definitive calculations. As with any engineering software, the information given by this site, on-line, e-mail or by fax is merely informative and cannot in any way substitute a professional engineering evaluation of the situation. Final evaluation of the application should always be conducted by a professional engineer, licensed in the appropriate field of engineering.

The software takes only account for factors or variables that are generally the most determining. Particular conditions or factors related to project specific applications may not sufficiently taken into consideration. The results are therefore to be taken as a guideline and should only be applied by users who are able to make themselves an accurate idea of its possibilities, its limitations and adequacy to the various practical applications.

It is the total responsibility of the user or addressee to utilize the given information. For good practice voestalpine Sadef nv recommends among other standards one of following normative references EN1993-1-3 and National Annexes. These references should be applied in there totality to ensure an accurate and safe design.

For a final design, or in case of doubt, or when design assistance is needed you may contact your voestalpine Sadef nv sales representative or voestalpine Sadef nv design office.

Although voestalpine Sadef nv has prepared with most care and competence this on-line design software and the information given by this web site, voestalpine Sadef nv can’t held responsible for misuse of, or erroneous entries, neither of the accurateness and the good practice of the give information.

By entering this web site you agree to the terms and conditions of this site and hold voestalpine Sadef nv and its employees and representatives free and harmless from any responsibility or liability arising from the use of, or the reliance on, the information supplied this web site.

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